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Express Weight Loss is a body shaping program that helps you shed cms faster from your tummy, hips or thighs every session. Its customized lifestyle modification program by our weight management experts to help you lose weight speedily.

Express Weight Loss is a combination of Ultracavitation and Cellulite Control Therapies which help strengthen the connective tissue, get rid of localized fats, eliminate toxins and helps shape the adipose tissues. Express Weight Loss helps you provide Maximum results in the shortest time period.

It is ideal for those who want to lose weight immediately for some social occasion, wedding purpose, medical conditions or clients who want to achieve target goals in specific period of time frame.

Weight Maintenance Program (Free):

After losing weight, it is very important to maintain the weight loss for a longer duration. Long-term weight maintenance is achieved through changes in diet, eating-related behaviors and physical activity. At Reshape we provide following services free to cost for weight Maintenance:

Free file/dairy to track clients weight for a period of 1 year. Free Consulting to clients who have successfully lost weight at Reshape.

Free Motivation & Counseling Sessions, if required for weight maintenance. Free Dietary Advice for the clients who have completed weight loss program.