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Now it's easy to judge your weight according to your height with the help of B.M.I. Calculator. You can calculate the risk to your health, just like blood pressure monitoring or glucose monitoring. Calculating B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) is the correct way to assess both your weight as well as associated risk to your health.

Just enter your weight and height in the calculator given below, once you know your B.M.I. you can easily compare it with the B.M.I. table given below.

Important Facts You Must Know About :

Classification BMI Risk because of fatness
Underweight 18.5 Low (but risk of other clinical
problems increased)
Normal Range 18.5-24.9 No risk
Pre-obese 25.0-29. Mildly increased
Obese 30.0  
Class I 30.0-34.9 Moderate
Class II 35.0-39.9 Severe
Class III 40.0 Very severe