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Weight Loss | Services Offered:

We help you to achieve your goal by our dedicated staff and monitoring services done by the trained Nutritionists. Our Teams have worked with thousands of clients and have helped them to achieve their goals successfully. You can choose from the following services.

Tummy Tuck, Arm Tuck, Thigh Tuck, Hip Tuck

Ultrasonic Lypolysis for inch loss

Herbal Weight Loss program

Weight Gain | Services Offered:

We have an effective program for gaining weight. Gaining weight also needs expert guidance. Our team of Doctors and Nutritionists look for any possible medical cause in you for a low body weight and advise accordingly and if everything is found normal then a suitable diet plan and herbs are advised which helps you to increase your food intake and to digest and assimilate it appropriately.

Skin & Hair Care | Services Offered:

Our professionally trained Dermatologists & Cosmetologist can carry out a range of Chemical Peels (Acne / Pimples), Dermabrassions, Botox sessions, Fillers and more to help you maintain your youthful appeal. We also conduct Vitiligo Sugeries, Nail Surgeries and Scar Surgeries. Treatment for Hyperpigmentation is also available. Our hair care experts have just the right solution for every hair problem which could include hair loss, dandruff, thinning of hair and damaged hair. Stem Cell Therapy for face and hairloss. Mesotherapy for body contouring and anti aging. Dermaroller Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation.