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Jumit Hariya, Age 23 years, Bhiwandi.

After losing 22 kgs at Reshape this is what he has to say

"There was a time when I was overweight, socializing was as tough as climbing Mt. Everest. Going to parties, marriages or meetings was very embarrassing and torturing. I was so uncomfortable with my weight that I use to be home whole day. Seeing my condition my friends suggested me Reshape's Weight Loss program."

"First I joined Reshape 2 years back and I lost 16 kgs of my weight and maintained it. Then again in May 2012 I started with ultra Cavitation and was able to shed another 5.75 kgs in one and half month."

"I would like to Thanks Reshape for helping me lose 22 kgs of my weight."

Charmi Hariya, Age 20 years, Bhiwandi.

After losing 16 kgs at Reshape this is what she has to say

"I am a college student. I came to know about Reshape from a friend of mine, who had already lost 10 kgs at Reshape. At very young age I was overweight and because of it I felt low in confidence. I decided to join Reshape and within 7 months of joining I lost 16 kgs of my weight. "

"And frankly speaking, weight loss helped me a lot in gaining my confidence back and obviously it changed the way I look."

Trupti Sumariya, Age 34 years, Bhiwandi.

After losing 18 kgs at Reshape this is what she has to say

"I am suffering from Hypothyroidism and along with it I was very Obese. After joining Reshape, I lost 18 kgs within 6 months. I feel very light and more energetic then before. Losing weight also helped me to reduce my regular dose of thyroid tablets. And I feel much healthier and active than ever before."

"Now I know, no matter what, I can accomplish exactly what I set out to do. This whole experience has revealed to me what a strong person I am."

Apeksha Gada, Age 26 years, Bhiwandi.

After losing 23.5 kgs at Reshape this is what she has to say

I am suffering from Hypothyroidism and obviously I think because of that my weight had shooted up. After joining Reshape I lost 23.5 kgs in just 5 months. My family is really proud of me. They have been there for me through every kilo lost on the way. I feel much better about my appearance now. I think I look younger than I did five years ago. Each day I was losing weight and gaining positive mental attitude.

"Now I feel extremely satisfied. I have maintained my weight and follow the Lifestyle habits recommended by Reshape."